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Training at Lawson Lake

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Lawson Lake County Park is located in the Towns of New Scotland and Coeymans, approximately 15 minutes southeast of Delmar. The lake resides on a 420-acre plot of land managed by Albany County. The park entrance and main parking area is located on Lawson Lake Road, Feura Bush, NY. The waterfront can be accessed from the southeast side of the lake through the main parking and past the lower camp buildings. 

Swim Course


The swim is approximately 1/2 mile (880 yards) rectangle course. Each turn is marked with a large buoy with smaller intermediate buoys to aid with sighting. Sight often to avoid collisions! Swimmers will enter the beach area the the docks on their right side. The direction of swimming, clockwise or counter-clockwise, will be announced at the start before entering the water.

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Swim Safety


Bethlehem Triathlon club is insured by USA Triathlon. For the club Open Water Swim (OWS) training lifeguards with certification from the American Red Cross or equivalent are employed. Lifeguards are responsible to inspect the lake and waterfront before each session. They will make all final decisions regarding water safety and severe weather. Swim exit times will be announced each night prior the start, but may be shortened by the lifeguards if visibility deteriorates. 

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a BTC lifeguard, please email


Club members or registered guests with signed liability waivers are permitted to swim. All swimmers must check in and check out of each swim session. 

Special Concerns

Lawson Lake has been known to have blue green algae growth, typically in the heat of the summer. The BTC has developed a proactive monitoring system with the park staff to ensure the safety of all individuals. Lifeguards, club board members and park staff will be educated on blue green algal bloom identification. Before each swim session a visual inspection will be performed along with regular safety checks prior to placement of the swim buoys.


In the event of algal bloom identification the club will postpone swimming until testing can be completed. Alternate swim options will be announced by the BTC board. 

Bicycling and Running at Lawson Lake

Lawson Lake Road is an excellent road for both cycling and running. There is a small shoulder on each side of the road, but no sidewalks. Any athlete who chooses to ride or run on the road is expected to follow all traffic safety rules.

Lawson Lake County Park also offers a series of trails for hiking and running. These are all moderate to challenging surfaces. Please review the park trail maps prior to running. There are currently no trails designated for mountain biking.

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