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Bike Course

Click here for a PDF version of the bike course, and here to see the course on Strava.  You can download the course onto your Garmin from the Strava site.

  1. Warners Lake Rd  157A - make RIGHT Pleasant Valley Rd- take  to end.

  2. Make a RIGHT onto Rt 156 Berne-Altamont Rd.

  3. Make RIGHT onto Thompsons Lake Rd Rt 157).

  4. Continue past Warners Lake Rd all the way to Rt. 157A Thatcher Park Rd.

  5. Cross over 157A to Beaver Dam Rd for 2 miles until Pinacle Road - use the diamond intersection to turn around.


  7. Back to 157A - make a LEFT onto Thatcher Park Rd.

  8. Continue back to Warners Lake Rd on RIGHT.

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